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- Why is the Sea Blue?
- Why is the Sea Salty?
- Is the Sea Deep?
- What is a Clown Fish?
- Is the Moray Eel a Snake?
- Why is the Ray Flat?
- What is a Tarpon?
- What Does a Grouper Look Like?
- What is a Nurse Shark?
- What is a Hammer Head Shark?
- Do Luminous Fish Exist?
- Fish in Cold Seas
- Why Are There Fish in Danger of Extinction?
- Which is the Oldest Fish?
- Do Mermaids Really Exist?
- Why Does a Sea Lion Have a Mane?
- How Does the Humpback Whale Live?
- Is the Dolphin Smart?
- Can We Touch Jellyfish?
- Sea Horse
- Hermit Crab
- Are the Crab and the Lobster Cousins?
- How Do Sea Turtles Live?
- Is Coral Alive?
- How Do Fish Breathe under Water?
- Which Fish are the Meanest?
- Which Fish are the Funniest?
- Why Are Fish Colourful?
- Do Fish Live as a Family?
- What is an Octopus?
- Squid
- Are There Insects in the Sea?
- Where Do Penguins Live?
- Do Sea Crocodiles Exist?
- How Do Fish Sleep?
- Has the Sea Elephant Got a Trunk?
- How Do Fish Clean Themselves?
- How Do Fish Hide?
- Do Sea Mammals Talk?
- The Polar Bear
- Why is the Sea Deep?
- How Do Fish Breathe in Water?
- What is a Hammerhead Shark?
- The Sea Horse
- The Hermit Crab
- The Squid
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